Jira alternative that just works

ProductBeat is a modern Jira alternative for lean product teams. Smooth user experience, streamlined agile workflow, best practices only.

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Best practices only

ProductBeat is for teams that want to get things done. Don’t waste time on messy Trello boards or configuring custom workflows in Jira: we know what works, and that's what we've built for you.

  • Use our unique, user-centric workflow with epics, milestones and subtasks as first class citizens.
  • Track status of tickets up all the way to release.
  • Ready to go out of the box: no custom workflow configuration required.
  • Work and work fast. Modern frontend with a fluid UX to empower your daily work.

It's different

We've redesigned backlog management with your end-users in mind. ProductBeat is built around agile best practices and the user-centric mindset that successful product teams have.

Team Hub
See what everyone’s working on at a glance. One page with all team members.
Team Hub Pro Pro
Supercharged overview of epics and releases on all your boards. Everything you need to know in one view.
Your personal todo list
See all your own issues and subtasks across teams and boards in one place.
Lightning-fast search
Insanely fast search across all your boards. Always there at your fingertips.
Clean backlog experience
Simple, common-sense approach to backlog management. See all active and upcoming issues in one place.
Release timeline
All released features in one place. Always up to date, automatically grouped and sorted per week.
Development plans
Write a development plan for every issue with subtasks. Revise it as you go to understand remaining work. Read more
Native apps
Download desktop app on Mac, Windows or Linux to get a dedicated ProductBeat app on your desktop. Read more
Mobile supported
All features are available on mobile. Use it in your browser or pin to home screen to manage your boards on the go. Read more

Simple flat pricing

Your personal account is free. Your team of up to 10 users is free.

  • Up to 10 users
  • No time limit, unlimited boards
  • Backlogs, planning and releases
  • Assignable developer subtasks
  • Epics and milestones
  • Your boards are yours: export your data any time
Up to 40 users
$ 10 per month
Flat fee for the entire team
All free features + Team Hub Pro
Up to 150 users
$ 99 per month
Flat fee for the entire team
All free features + Team Hub Pro

No credit card needed, cancel any time. For questions or to get a quote for teams over enterprise limit, reach out to us over email or book a demo .

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