ProductBeat support

Resolve login issues

If you're getting redirected back to the login page, or have other issues logging in, try our desktop app or follow these instructions to continue.

1. Disable ad blocker

Some browser extensions might cause issues with Google's authentication. If you have issues, disable your ad blocker and disable Ghostery on ProductBeat.

2. Force logout

Force logout by pressing this link: /logout. This should clear any cookies that might cause issues.

3. Manually clear browser cache

Use your browser settings to clear cache and cookies for ProductBeat's domain.

Chrome and Firefox

Open browser preferences and search for "clear data". Use this functionality to clear your browser's data.


Open "Preferences" (cmd + .), go to the "Privacy" tab and press "Manage web site data".

Clear cache: Safari 1

Search for "productbeat" and remove all the entries.

Clear cache: Safari 2

Now restart your browser and try again.

4. Contact support

Use our chat or send an email to contact our support, so we can help you and collect details that will help us fix any issues. It's helpful if you try another browser, another device and another account before contacting as this helps us narrow down potential causes.

Others frequently asked

How do I edit my account settings?

Go to My tasks, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on My account. This opens up your user panel, where you can access your account settings, account removal and logout.

I'm redirected back to login screen

  1. Use your browser settings to clear cache and cookies for ProductBeat's domain.
  2. Disable your ad blocker and Ghostery. We don't serve any ads, and you can opt out of Google Analytics in your account settings.
  3. Follow our troubleshooting guide.
  4. Try using our desktop app.

Is Google the only login provider you support?

Right now we only support Google login, but we will add more login options soon. Note that you can use any Gmail account, you don't have to have Google's business account.