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If you have any questions, need support or have ideas to share, we'd love to hear from you. Open the chat with us right on this page, and let us know your thoughts.


Google keeps redirecting me back to login screen

  1. Use your browser settings to clear cache and cookies for ProductBeat's domains. Disable ad blocker and Ghostery (we don't serve any ads, and you can opt out of Google Analytics).
  2. Try using our desktop app.
  3. Log in with email and password instead of Google.

See more details in our troubleshooting guide.

How do I edit my account settings?

Go to My tasks, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on My account. This opens up your user panel, where you can access your account settings, account removal and logout.

LastPass shows an annoying warning

LastPass shows you a message since our API runs on its own domain. To get rid of this message, open "My Vault" on LastPass, click on "Account Settings" and add this entry on the tab Equivalent domains".

productbeatapp.com, productbeat-api.herokuapp.com


Mobile apps

ProductBeat is fully supported on mobile: just sign in on your phone and pin the web app to your home screen. In the future we'll publish our app on Google Play and App Store.

  1. Open your mobile browser
  2. Sign in on productbeatapp.com
  3. Pin the web site to your device's home screen

Native desktop apps

We have apps for Mac, Windows and Linux. You can download the app from productbeatapp.com/apps.

Troubleshooting desktop app

Most issues can be solved by updating to the latest version, or clearing your local cache. To download the latest version, visit productbeatapp.com/apps.

Clearing cache on Mac

  1. Quit the application
  2. Go to /Users/<user>/Library/Application Support
  3. Delete the "ProductBeat" folder

Clearing cache on Windows

  1. Quit the application
  2. Go to C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\ProductBeat\Cache
  3. Delete the "Cache" folder

Clearing cache on Linux

  1. Quit the application
  2. Go to /home/<user>/.config/ProductBeat
  3. Delete the "Cache" folder

Do you have an API?

You can export your board as JSON under board settings. We also have a couple of undocumented endpoints available, but a documented and versioned API is still in the works. In the meantime, please email us your ideas and requests!


Can I import boards from Trello or Jira?

We can import your boards via customer service: send us an email and we'll do it for you. We'll add import functionality to the tool soon.

Customizing workflow

Use subtasks to document steps to complete a ticket and track status. Write all the important activities, including design, development, QA and release, as subtasks and consider assigning them to the respective team members.

Collapse backlog sections to hide details you don't often work with. In the backlog view, click the arrow button on the right hand side of In planning and Drafts and ideas to collapse these sections. This won't affect other users.

Skip refined section to simplify workflow. The line between ready for development and not can be blurry. Open the board options dropdown, select "Board settings" and turn on "Hide refined". Existing refined tickets will still show up until you move them.

Have more questions on workflow customization? Get in touch!


If you continouously refine and reprioritize tickets, always pick the most important ones for development and get them released, ProductBeat is built for you. We have great features such as continuous release timeline that are a perfect fit for kanban teams.

To replace the traditional horizontal board view, we advice you to break all refined stories into subtasks. Subtasks more accurately reflect the progress and the remaining tasks in each story.

Need more consultation? Email out support or schedule a demo.

Scrum and sprints

Keep tickets in your current sprint as In progress or under Selected for development. To plan future sprints, add a milestone for each sprint under In planning.

Our release timeline always shows all released tickets and completed sprints as a timeline as your users experienced them, rather than by sprint. This gives you a better picture of how your users actually experienced the changes.

Need more consultation? Email out support or schedule a demo.


Can I get in touch regarding press or partnerships?

Absolutely! We're uncomplicated people, so simply email contact@productbeatapp.com with your details and our team will be back to you!

Do I need to pay to use ProductBeat?

No. You can sign up for free, and you don't need to enter payment details up front. You can use the free plan forever if you wish.

If you add more than 10 members to your team, we will ask you to add billing details and then transfer your team to our commercial plan. Commercial billing is still being rolled out, so you can still add as many users as you want, and we will not charge you until you have been contacted personally and provided billing details yourself.

Read more about pricing

Press kit

Download our press kit here: ProductBeat press kit (21 Sep 2018)

Privacy and GDPR

Here's the short version:

  • We use Google as our authentication provider.
  • We don't store any passwords.
  • You can opt out of analytics.
  • You can both export and remove any data that you import or create on our service.
  • By continuing the voluntarily log in and use our service, you indicate that you accept our terms and conditions.
  • We don't serve any ads.

See our privacy policy for all the details. You should only use ProductBeat if you accept the terms and consent to the policy. If you are unhappy with or have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please contact customer service: we are happy to attempt to resolve any issues.

Team management

How do I invite people?

Go to your team page, click "Members" enter the email address of your team mate's Google account on ProductBeat. If they don't have an account yet, they will see all once they sign up. Once they're in, they will see all the boards in this team.

In some cases you might instead want to move your board to another team. You can do this in board settings.

How do I manage permissions?

All permissions are team-based. Team members can be either admins or regular members. Admins can invite more users, edit roles and remove boards, while regular team membership is enough for daily work in your team.

For private use, we create you a private team upon sign-up that is only accessible to you. You can create new teams or grant access to share your boards with others.

You can't share access to only one board in a team. Guest accounts are on our roadmap though, so make sure to let us know if this is something you'd like to see.

What do I need to know to administer ProductBeat for my company?

It's very straightforward: anyone can sign up for ProductBeat with their Google account. Anyone can set up a team and invite other ProductBeat users to their team. In other words, you need all members to sign up with their account, and then you can invite each one to your team. All billing works on a team-by-team basis, so you'll want to have just one team in your company.

You can also remove members from your team, in which case they retain their account, but will no longer have access to your team's boards, and all their tasks on those boards will be unassigned. You can choose to invite the same user again later if you want.