Simple pricing

Our pricing model is simple: free for personal use, free for small teams and trials, pay as you scale.

Free plan

Free for individuals and small teams

  • No time limit, unlimited boards
  • Unlimited number of teams with 1 – 4 users
  • Backlogs, planning and releases
  • Assignable developer subtasks
  • Epics and milestones
  • Your data is yours: export your tickets any time

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Team plan

$3 per team seat. First 4 are free.

Pay as you go, only pay for team seats that you actually need.

  • -$12 discount for first 4 users
  • All features of the free plan
  • Enterprise role management (coming soon)
  • 30-day free trial
  • Billed monthly

No credit card needed, cancel any time.
Have any questions? Reach out to us over or email or book a demo .


How does billing work?

You can sign up for free, and you don't need to enter payment details up front. If you add more than 4 members to your team, we will ask you to add billing details and then transfer your team to our commercial plan.

Commercial billing is still being rolled out, so you can still add as many users as you want, and we will not charge you until you have been contacted personally and provided billing details yourself.

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Can I choose to be billed on an annual basis?

Yes, this is also possible. If you prefer to negotiate a fixed-term contract per year that makes sense given your team size, please contact customer service and we will get back to you.

Pricing subject to change over time. Prices exclude applicable VAT or sales taxes.