About us

We’re developers and designers who want to empower others, make it easy for more people to do what we do. Our team has a strong background in agile consulting and product development, and we want to deliver the best practices of these disciplines to you in one product.

Our team

Nikke Alson
Mobile developer
Investor with a smile
Backend lead
Lisa Jarvis
Business dev
Rolfson Alvis
Business dev EMEA
Mike Mikkelson
CEO, design lead

We are passionate about technology, and ambitious about taking things to the next level. We believe that pushing the boundries of technology is not enough without delivering it to end-users in a package that aligns with their mindsets and emotions. All ProductBeaters are multi-disciplinary product developers; when you meet us for a cup of coffee, you will feel this immediately.

Work with us

We're constantly on the look-out for partners, contractors and potential employees to help us make our product a little bit better every day. Our plans for the future include new markets, new features, new target groups, new integrations... and hopefully something we haven't come up with yet, but you can.

If you're interested in joining or working with us, send an email to work@productbeat.io with a link to your profile + CV.